Friday, July 22, 2005

Terror Twilight

One set of bombs was a reminder that we are vulnerable to terrorists - two asserts this vulnerability, making it perfectly clear that we cannot prevent terrorist attacks. I want to stand up and say I will not be made to feel fearful, but in all honesty I am feeling very wary about my return to London: people are willing to kill me for their cause. I know that it is not me-specific of course, but it is me-as one of the many people who live in the city. I would like to cycle to university, I've been planning to for a long time. But even so, it is an inescapable fact of life that I will have to use public transport when I go back. I just wish I lived in a London where you could do that without there being any fear.

There are cycling courses, and according to the TFL website the average journey time from Belsize Park to the Strand is 22 minutes. That is quicker than tubing at the best of times, let alone amongst all these bomb scares and so on. I remember when I was working in Leicester Square - there was a bomb scare and the tube just went straight to Charing Cross. With all the evacuations at the moment it seems that my journey is going to be a lot more disrupted than it was last year by terror alerts. Especially seeing as it involves daily passing through Russell Square, which for god knows what reason (they want to bomb the big Paperchase? UCL?) seems to be a popular option.

Anyway. So. I cannot wait to go and see Willy Wonka, but I am waiting to share the experience with Bill. If anyone can do it in a way that would have made Roald Dahl proud, it would be Tim Burton. I'd like to see him take on The Witches next, although that may be speaking too soon. Roald Dahl is, as far as I'm concerned, one of the best writers in the history of all time. Perhaps it is entirely sentimental though: my dad used to work for the World Service in Reading & I was in Exeter - in lieu of bedtime stories, he would record himself reading The Witches and post it to us each week.

Carter left ER and can now be seen on Little Angels with an alias of Stephen Briers. Don't think I don't know what you are up to!


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