Saturday, July 23, 2005


/1/ The man shot dead on the tube yesterday, was not connected to the bombs on Thursday. At first, I thought, well he ran from the police onto the tube and jumped over the ticket barrier in the tube station - what else could they have done? But the police were undercover and carrying guns. If undercover policemen were running after me with guns, I too would jump a ticket barrier and try to get the hell out of the situation. I hope it's not that straightforward though.

/2/ I am working on designs for either travelling to university in a bomb proof pod, or teleporting myself there. I will let you know how this pans out as I look further into the logistics of these creations. The other possibility was that everyone wears skin tight leotards and carries clear PVC luggage. Anyone agree to this? (What? It would be like Utopia or something. And would be far more effective than identity cards.)

/3/ I have made an acquaintance at work who is an example of innocent Devonshire folk at their finest. She lives on a farm with her parents who met at 18 and married soon after, and aspires to be a local primary school teacher after going to university (in Devon.) Like her forefathers, her boyfriend is a farmer, and no doubt her children will too be farmers for as long as there is farming to be done (possibly not long then.) Like her parents, she met her boyfriend at Young Farmers. She is blissfully unaware of some of the horrors that go on in the world: the Beslan seige was news to her apparantly, when I discussed it at work the other day (mistaking it for the comparatively tame Dunblaine massacre.) She also describes her fondness for reading as being down to the way in which, when she is reading, she likes to imagine that she is the main person in the book and pretend that the things in the story are happening to her. She is possibly what people from up-London imaging all country-folk are like, and for meeting the stereotype at all I would usually feel a little bit angry towards her, but she is at the same time rather sweet.

Unfortunately (for her, and the whole cake loving world), she refused to bring in cake on her birthday, giving the fact that she is only working at the Establishment until September. Everyone now despises her for denying them that opportunity for cake (particularly My Big Fat Lazy Boss) and so it's generally been a bad move not to stick to the company birthday cake policy. My liasons with said-girl have now become frowned upon, and we will have to resort to secret liasons amongst the files in The Hut of Eternal Files. Although my days of discussing how great it was that we learnt the alphabet in primary school may be numbered anyway, what with me fast approaching The End of My Tether and constantly battling urges to set fire to the whole filing system. Starting with the JONES'S section.

/4/ Here is a photoset of the few photos I took before my battery ran out whilst celebrating Emily's 21st birthday. My battery has an amazing life, but this means I overlook charging it for months - so when it does eventually run out I am shocked and caught unawares, EVERY time. More new photographs elsewhere on Flickr.


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