Monday, July 18, 2005

Muggles and mudbloods

I copied the other 2 million people who went out on Saturday and bought Harry Potter! I had debated with myself for days leading up to the release of the book - I am twenty now, I am studying literature, do I need to buy this book? But in the end my sentimental side got the better of me and I just had to buy it just to see what happened next. So, I read it on Sunday, because I went out to celebrate a 21st birthday on Saturday (and spent a good part of the day on a handmade present), and oh my! I love the narrative, it's all so quaint and very English sounding, and I really enjoy the familiarity that the narrative revolving around the school year enables, but JK Rowling doesn't half beat about the bush when getting her point across.

What is so important about making the book so so long? Whatever happened to quality, not quantity? To me, it seems that as JK has become more and more famous, the editors have been more and more reluctant to restrain her to a short book. The first three books are a reasonable length - the fourth is pushing that a bit - but the fifth and sixth are unnecessarily long!! & daunting, actually, for a lot of children under a certain age. In fact, daunting for me even, and I love to read! If I was really (really) super bored, I would go through the entire book and cut 100 pages at least. I did, despite this qualm about the length, become enthralled after about the first 250 pages. And, was devastated by the ending.

Bill went to look at a Tufnell Park flat today. We have decided against it though, because £220 is just pushing the boundary a little. If it was a spectacular flat, we would have been willing to go for it. But it wasn't, it was simply 'nice' - although it would have been lovely to have had it sorted out already! Tomorrow is another day, involving a room of files for me and a Belsize Park one bed flat for him, which is also a little out of our budget. But hopefully there are some in the Chalk Farm area in the process of being lined up that we will actually be able to afford!

Since when did Sainsburys start advertising Nesquik milkshake mix on their milk bottles? I know that this is obviously a carefully considered choice (milkshake!! advertised on a milk bottle!!) but still, I think this was a cheap shot from Sainsburys. Why don't they advertise their own brand milkshake mix on their bottle anyway? Hmm? It's all a little suspicious if you ask me.


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