Monday, July 04, 2005

Long hot summer of (free) DVD rentals

Another productive morning: spending ages buying second hand from Amazon, which is a big waste of time and only saved me £2.37 once the cost of the books DOUBLED when I took postage into account. Now I am going to be waiting on lots of separate parcels from all over the country, probably unreliable people who lied about the condition of the books, when I could have bought new copies from Amazon for more or less the same price. If you are a student trying for the cheapest way to get hold of your reading list, don’t assume that second hand will mean significantly cheaper. I automatically thought second hand = cheap, and it often does, but not when it comes to postage. Lesson learnt. The thing is, we’re not in London anymore Toto, where they line up rows and rows of second hand books (alphebetised!) on the South Bank:

We’re in Exeter, and second hand book shopping is a whole other ball game here. Perhaps some of my ‘Rise of the Novel’ texts would be easy to find, I’m sure there are at least ten thousand unwanted copies of Moll Flanders in the world. But, for American Literature, there are books that I have never even seen on Ebay despite the fact that I have been keeping an eye on hot auction action for books off my reading list for a few months now. It’s not that I don’t have the time to trawl charity shops in Exeter; it’s just that I don’t have the inclination.

On a slightly different topic: When I am in London, Bill and I share an online DVD rental account. Since coming home for the summer, this hasn’t been the only area of my life has been barren and dry, and the lack of good films to watch has definitely been felt in the rise in level of Channel 5 that I’ve been watching. Last night, I finally accepted that it is my fate to remain here over the holidays, and set up my very own free trial with Sainsburys online DVD rental. I can just tell, I am risking spending my entire holiday indoors watching as many freebie films as I can possibly get through - interspersed with a little light reading in preparation for Operation: BA Honours, year 2. Somebody better phone me with a job, quick sharp.

And finally, because I seem to be all over the place today: I got my first year results. Which were all very firmly in the Upper Second category, apart from one silly module I had to do entitled ‘Turning Points in the History of Christianity in England 1500 to 1900.’ To be honest, I was lucky to make it out of that, the most boring module ever, alive, and only managed to do so by attending the bare minimum of lectures, so I am not taking the one Lower Second too badly. Overall, a 2:1, so that bodes well for the future.


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