Sunday, July 03, 2005

London, chicken!

I have spent a considerable amount of today working on part of my birthday present for Emily. I’m making a little book full of photographs and captions which is entitled ‘A Day in the Life,’ so contains things like ‘do hair,’ ‘shop,’ next to suitable photographs. It looks good to me and I would definitely appreciate the effort if someone gave it to me, so hopefully she will like it too. Homemade presents are the best, like all the compilations that Bill & I have made for each other. I make a mean birthday chocolate cake, covered in a rainbow pattern of Smarties with white icing writing, that has gone down well with everyone I’ve made it for, but this year the baton of cake has been passed to Emily’s boyfriend Dylan so I am having to be a little more inventive.

I felt rather nostalgic going through all the pictures I’ve taken just since I got my digital camera a couple of years ago. Led me to think about how digital photography has made it so much easier to document events. I take photographs so much more these days – more or less every day. Whilst I have always taken photographs, processing is expensive, so I had to consider what to take pictures of more carefully. Now, I can afford to take pictures of anything and everything, which I certainly wouldn’t have done on a 35mm camera. Plus, I would have significantly less pictures of me, with friends and on my own, that I approve of if it weren’t for the digital revolution. The LCD screen is excellent! I rather take for granted the ability to see if something has come out before I print it, it’s one of those things that I can’t really remember how people managed to meet the kind of needs that I have in photographs before. (By that I mean, when I have my photos printed today they are consistently good quality, and cheap and they are very organised on my iPhoto, which is probably one of the best things about digital – especially considering that my house has always had boxes and boxes of unsorted photos!)

I would LOVE some baby chickens!! Too bad I don’t know where I’ll even be living in September - let alone whether it could also accommodate chickens.


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