Monday, July 25, 2005

Letter from the Editor

I returned from work today to two emails in my university account. The first was a copy of the reference that my department administrator sent to my letting agent and the second was a letter from the (incompetent) editor of the university newspaper. I am not calling him incompetent because I am bitter towards him, but I am simply astonished at how slow his email turnaround is: there was a meeting on the 14th June that I was unable to attend, re. writing for the newspaper in September, and I requested the week before that the information from the meeting be emailed to me.

Weeks passed, other people I knew who'd requested more information, received said information. I emailed asking where mine was? And today, I have finally heard from the editor - not sending me the information I requested, but telling me that he would be getting around to it soon. Thanks a lot for that, why couldn't you just send it to me then and there? I hate people who can't cope with just organising themselves, particularly when they get to flounce around with the title of Editor and put that on their CV.

So, this is reason number one I am irritated. Reason number two is perhaps a little more biased: I submitted three sample columns (six weeks ago) for the post of columnist for the paper. I heard nothing back for weeks and weeks, despite asking for information about when the decision would be made when I submitted my columns. The decision rests with the features editor, and hasn't even been made yet - but just to assert himself, Mr. Editor has told me that in his personal opinion the columns are too anecdotal. I can only assume that what he was looking for was more genuine columns relating to making your penis appear bigger (true -appeared in the most recent edition of the newspaper) rather than anything anecdotal. Plus, I swear they were interesting anecdotes! People who don't know me have talked about me for the getting locked in my room by French people last year!

Anyway, I am perhaps a little bitter because of 'his personal opinion' even though I know I shouldn't be. There's nothing wrong with being an anecdotal writer, it's nothing bad about me or my style, it's just that I don't write columns according to the standard for columns. Although, if my column was called 'Tales from University' (though it wouldn't be, because that is a Stupid Name), it would totally be a good column and people would expect anecdotes...

So I'm only half joking, when I say that I'm setting up my own paper!! I will actually organise things and people and provide lots of information for everyone who emails me. I will write an anecdotal column! And everyone will want to come and write for me instead of Roar because it will be different and original, and for COOL PEOPLE, and it shall be called Miaow. Kappow.


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