Sunday, July 10, 2005

I <3 homewares

[On Friday] I am pleased to see just how many Londoners are picking themselves up today and carrying on with life. There was an especially touching piece on the news with a victim (I'm sorry I can't be more specific) who had cuts on his face and a bandaged eye, who was back at work today. In a way, I can see that there is no choice but to carry on, but it still shows an astounding amount of courage to me. I hope that when the time is right we will celebrate the Olympic bid, because that is an amazing achievement for the city and it shouldn't be sidelined - moreso, we should stand up and be proud of our success.

[On Sunday] I have spent quite some time this weekend with my seven year old nephew, which opens up a whole other aspect to the effects of the London bombs. Children who now know what a suicide bomber is, who have to face the fact that people have died - in this country, and not in some far off land that they can't identify with. The brother of a girl at his school was killed on Thursday, which is just terrible. I wish there was some way I could shelter him from all this news, but at seven years old it's impossible - he uses the internet and watches television.

I watched Adaptation, I liked it mostly, nice postmodernesque foregrounding of the construction there - but I'm not sure how necessary the dramatic climax was (ah but was that perhaps the entire point?)

I must have Le Beanock in my house one day. And I have been spending some time adding things that I want to this list today, because, well, it can't hurt to dream about having spare money. I am going to be working tomorrow, tuesday, friday, and then for the following fortnight full time - so hopefully I will have a little left over after paying off my overdraft for indulgences (please let it be enough for a KitchenAid blender.


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