Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy July

I don’t know why advertisers think that annoying people is a good idea. They must sit around a big desk, debating the most irritating little jingles and adverts, in the hope of selling more Stuff. It is not going to work on me! I don’t have a Halifax account and I never will now thanks to this:

The man is inescapable, even at cash machines! He’s been around for a while, but I was reminded of him by the latest offender in the annoying advert situation: Sainsburys, with their ‘Little Bill, Little tiny Bill…’ car insurance adverts:

It makes me cringe! Not so much the fact that it’s a receipt, with arms and human features (that is slightly witty, in fact, he is a Little bill, as in receipt, literally, ha ha!), but more annoying the jingle. ‘Now I aint too big and I aint too tall but for car insurance give Sainsburys a call’ and so on and so on for the whole advert. No! Advertising agencies! Stop going out of your way to make me want to rip out my own arm. (Maybe a little over the top, but still...)

Today I had lunch with my friends Emily and Karen, and Karen’s daughter, who is called Emily too. I am constantly shocked by the fact that someone not even one year older than me has a six-month-old baby, particularly someone who is actually a nice girl and not someone from the council estate next to my old high school, just wanting to get a free house and some benefits. Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words so here is Emily big with Emily little:

She’s lovely! Very cheerful and didn’t whine a bit about being passed around, cooed at, bounced on knees, and generally lavished with attention. What with one university friend having a four-year-old son, Karen having her Emily, and Charlie married to Neal, I’m starting to feel like I know a very middle aged group of twenty/twenty-one year olds!

And on a note completely unrelated to either being annoyed by adverts or babies and husbands, I get my first year results on Monday.


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