Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bath, book, bed

I think that my boyfriend-amputation is starting to show - in my fantasy relationship with Every Musician I listen to, as well as the cumulative male staff of (hot!) I've been alone for an entire month now, oh my! We used to live this far away from each other for the most part of the year - so it is weird to see how quickly one takes close proximity for granted.

& I especially miss him because I have such a lot to thank him for right now. He has scored infinite points and a permanent place in my heart, by finding us a nice flat in Belsize Park within our price range. So, as of September we will officially be co-tenants, which will be an interesting experiment! I am rather shy with people I don't know very well: so living in my current flat has been hard work because I spend a lot of my time with Bill or busy with university, and we were all up and down between our family homes and London anyway - so, all in all we didn't get to know each other very well. The times we were in the flat together were a little awkward, with my flatmates being lifelong best friends and me feeling a bit of an outsider. I do hope to keep in touch when I'm back in London though, they are definitely lovely people and we have a lot in common - it just didn't work out living together (although it didn't NOT work out either).

All the more reason to be looking forward to sharing a space with someone I feel so close to. I am not afraid to speak my mind or do whatever the hell it is I feel like, whether it be going to bed at 7pm or singing along loudly with my ipod on: can't wait. I'm just so happy really, and! we are sticking to what we know in Belsize Park - much nicer alternative to having to familiarise myself with Tufnell Park. And just down the road from the tube AND a bus that goes all the way to university on the Strand. ( = longer time spent in bed.)

I've been working full time this week, which is certainly a big shock compared to the 3 days I did last week and my 8 hour week whilst at university. It is nice to have a change to learning though, because I am able to put away my last file at the end of the day and just leave it. I don't come home and have more work to do - which is quite a difficult thing about university sometimes. Anyway, in the past week I've learnt that I definitely need to choose my career carefully: I want to make sure I do something that matters to people, that utilises my strengths, and that stimulates me. It's such a large portion of life to waste filing insurance claims for example - and even if I was to be a senior insurance claim type person, I think that it's generally not particularly fulfilling or something you could really enjoy.

I felt awful when I checked my email account a week after Vixgirl emailed me. (Hi!) I really appreciated the email, so sorry for not responding sooner!

Big Brother has got boring, so I am switching off and getting ready for bed. Early nights are great, especially when fresh out of the bath and accompanied by cosy pyjamas and a good book: small pleasures have become infinitely amplified by the horror of filing during the day, coupled with entertaining miniature family members.


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