Monday, July 11, 2005


I started my new job today. I am so glad that I really enjoy my degree and didn't feel driven to leave school at 18, now that I have seen what it's really like doing lowly administrative tasks. Give me a huge reading list and a thesis to write any day - I mean it. And, when I worked (for free!) in Orion publishers, at least the environment was right even if the jobs I was getting assigned were tedious - I saw people there doing the kind of thing I would like to do & there were Macs in sight! I spent the whole of today surrounded by insurance claims in the mortgages & endowments department = NO FUN. And rubbishy PCs crashed on me when all I wanted to do was find out which file claims were meant to go in. I will have nightmares about the pile that mounted on my desk today.

I guess I just like my university environment, and I think I'll stick with that for the next few years at least. Hopefully I'll keep enjoying it until I get my PhD, I'll do some writing, and then I will be able to send Bill out to bring home le bacon whilst I stay home and raise baby Barry.

London feels so far away. I keep seeing it on television and wishing I was there to stand up and say I refuse to be terrorised! But here I am in Devon, and I can say most definitely that 'the West' is not scared at all. I'm thoroughly fed up of being Bill-less, I want him! Now! In every dirty and innuendo-filled use of the word. Three weeks is a long time, and the fact that there is no definite point at which we'll see each other again is just agonising!


Blogger pip said...

there's only one other thing that takes life to a whole new level of suck, and that's having to deliver a bid during the summer hols when stress is magnified a zillion times by the cripling heat ... so i'd glady swap you!!! i see you're at kings, my old uni - how's G01 these days?!

11:43 AM  
Blogger Super-fi said...

Yes but.. I spend all day filing. Nothing else at all awaits me in this heat, just a boiling hot room with no fan and with no ability to open the door because that in some way compromises health and safety! I can't compete with you in terms of stress and .. well importance of the job.. But if it's a competition for the most boring and hot thing, I win!

I do not know what G01 is! But king's is good! There is a robot-head in the entrance to the strand campus that gives you directions to rooms these days. Excellent...

& hello !

1:17 PM  
Blogger pip said...

a robot, seriously? how delightfully clever! do you sometimes feel like you're at hogwarts ... you know the asymmetric levels & cryptic staircases, and the quaint little fractures in the brickwork where new blocks have been organically grafted on an older building. oh and G01 is where we chilled - a mezzanine floor with a balcony housing the cafeteria (surrey st entrance), facing the river.

importance of job? well i could tell you all about it, but i may have to shoot your afterwards ... which would be disastrous, for you anyway ;)

& hello back! (i linked from vixgirl)

3:14 PM  
Blogger Super-fi said...

Look here: - it mans the reception from 9-5! It is true, robots are taking over! Soon there will be no more need for filers & I will lose my job!

Ahh you mean in the Macadam building! I never go to that floor but I do often sit in the Waterfront which is on the 2nd floor and has lovely view out over the river, pool tables and stuff! I do indeed feel that hogwarts-esque vibe walking around the older parts of the building. Much nicer than the newer parts! What did you study at kings? How long ago were you there? (Did you live in halls of residence? Which!?) Sorry for so many questions - you're the first contact I've had with alumni from my own university, it's nice to see that people survived it!

2:29 PM  
Blogger pip said...

graduated in '89 in computer science. lived at home but can remember (that itself is quite remarkable!) some wild parties at lightfoot hall (kings road), westfield & playing with the dentists & nurses in denmark hill ... but that's south of the river. oh dear ;)

10:16 AM  
Blogger Super-fi said...

Argh no, now I look like a stupid snob. South London is great too, I do like a lot of places around Waterloo (excellent Portuguese grocers on The Cut for instance!) - it's just that NW3 has been where I've felt most settled during my London-year, so I want to stay put!

You mentioned hogwarts -- have you read the new HP book?!

2:16 PM  

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