Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Trust me on the sunscreen...

A few months ago, I resolved to enter the Bridport Prize. A few days ago, I decided that I had missed my opportunity to produce anything of quality. Then, at approximately midnight last night, I changed my mind again, and set about writing my entry. Publishing things on the internet sometimes counts as being previously published (a silly rule because nobody knows this blog even exists), and I don’t want to risk accidentally breaking the rules of the competition, so I’m not going to put it online. I will say though, that it’s air crash related, and that during the course of researching my story, I scared the bejesus out of myself reading about air crashes, as if I hadn’t already done that enough recently by watching Aircrash Investigation on Channel 5.

Although I may never be able to fly again without taking copious amounts of sleeping pills beforehand, I have officially written a story to enter into the competition. Keep your pseudo-internet-fingers crossed on my behalf. It feels nice just to have produced something after months of intending to write something, even though I don’t expect to win at all (although, I wouldn’t say no to £3000 in prize money). Perhaps my procrastinating days are over. Or perhaps this just confirms that I leave absolutely everything until the last moment before it has to be completed.

Last Wednesday, I got sunburnt. This:

was the site of the burn yesterday, almost an entire week later. After the Burn, the Itch, the Middle of the Night Itch, and then the Blistering Itch, Superfi has finally learnt her lesson (years after Baz Luhrmann released that single) – Always Wear Sunscreen.


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