Tuesday, August 02, 2005


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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Where is my blog?

This blogspot hosting and shell of my former blog is a temporary arrangement. Just as I was getting into writing on a regular basis, my host has seemingly disappeared - free hosting without banner adverts all over it was apparantly too good to be true. Will move all my files elsewhere sometime soon, once I find somewhere cheap to host the small amount of memory I wish to take up.

Let this be a warning to anyone who puts files online without backing them up.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

How to avoid a terrorist attack

Ever since posting about teleports and bomb proof pods, I've been toying with a few more ideas. The best in my view is that we all have a robot version of ourself, fitted with a video camera and operated via a virtual reality suit (from the safety of our own home.) So, we leave our house and walk to the tube station, go to work, and generally go about our lives as normal - all without literally leaving the house. With the right technology, there is NO REASON to ever leave the house again, human interaction may become a thing of the past.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'll be thinner if you don't

£42,500 bottle of water snatched from a literary festival in Devon. Devonshire folk are the best and I wouldn't put it past someone to realise that 2 litre plastic bottle of water was actually 'Art.' Water is for drinking.

I work with an obese woman (okay, fire me now for my website). She is one of those obese people who puts it down to an under active thyroid, and then has a drawer full of Jammy Dodgers and Mars Bars. THIS is the reason you are fat, fatty. Anyway, today she wore a t shirt emblazoned with the writing "I'll be nicer if you give me chocolate." Stating the obvious, much?

How good it feels...

... To know that I have done something about my hatred of working for Friends Provident (oh, Dooce me, at this point in time it would be a blessing I tell you!) To know that maybe I'll get the hell out of there on Friday, having spent my last afternoon staring into mousemats that say "Life's better with friends." That's a pretty bloody horrible existence for someone who happens to work there and doesn't have any friends = hey you! you have no friends! But rest assured life is better for people who are more likeable than you and DO have friends! Fuck you! (Go and do some filing!)

Monday, July 25, 2005

Letter from the Editor

I returned from work today to two emails in my university account. The first was a copy of the reference that my department administrator sent to my letting agent and the second was a letter from the (incompetent) editor of the university newspaper. I am not calling him incompetent because I am bitter towards him, but I am simply astonished at how slow his email turnaround is: there was a meeting on the 14th June that I was unable to attend, re. writing for the newspaper in September, and I requested the week before that the information from the meeting be emailed to me.

Weeks passed, other people I knew who'd requested more information, received said information. I emailed asking where mine was? And today, I have finally heard from the editor - not sending me the information I requested, but telling me that he would be getting around to it soon. Thanks a lot for that, why couldn't you just send it to me then and there? I hate people who can't cope with just organising themselves, particularly when they get to flounce around with the title of Editor and put that on their CV.

So, this is reason number one I am irritated. Reason number two is perhaps a little more biased: I submitted three sample columns (six weeks ago) for the post of columnist for the paper. I heard nothing back for weeks and weeks, despite asking for information about when the decision would be made when I submitted my columns. The decision rests with the features editor, and hasn't even been made yet - but just to assert himself, Mr. Editor has told me that in his personal opinion the columns are too anecdotal. I can only assume that what he was looking for was more genuine columns relating to making your penis appear bigger (true -appeared in the most recent edition of the newspaper) rather than anything anecdotal. Plus, I swear they were interesting anecdotes! People who don't know me have talked about me for the getting locked in my room by French people last year!

Anyway, I am perhaps a little bitter because of 'his personal opinion' even though I know I shouldn't be. There's nothing wrong with being an anecdotal writer, it's nothing bad about me or my style, it's just that I don't write columns according to the standard for columns. Although, if my column was called 'Tales from University' (though it wouldn't be, because that is a Stupid Name), it would totally be a good column and people would expect anecdotes...

So I'm only half joking, when I say that I'm setting up my own paper!! I will actually organise things and people and provide lots of information for everyone who emails me. I will write an anecdotal column! And everyone will want to come and write for me instead of Roar because it will be different and original, and for COOL PEOPLE, and it shall be called Miaow. Kappow.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

A little amusement

The business card of my letting agent has the words 'Home Boy' where one would usually find 'Managing Director' or some such title.

And also - Why oh why does attempting to flee the world of filing have to involve filling out more application forms?!

Defying the lazy stereotypes

I feel myself longing for a few days completely away from news coverage - it seems that since July 7th the news has all been bad. I'm so grateful that I live in a relatively peaceful country, I can switch off for a few days if I need to, drive away to a small coastal town with my boyfriend and a tent and have some quiet. I hope Bill makes it to see me soon so we can do something like that. Just that potential is a comforting thought though.

My married friends have found a flat in Battersea. So my knowledge of the South will hopefully be soon a little more extensive! Both Charlie and I are longing for some essays to do and to get back into university life in general. I never thought I would say it but I am getting sick of the holidays now. A 20 week academic year is just a little ridiculous if you ask me. I would much rather have full time education actually mean full time education, and finish my degree in two years rather than three. I seriously think that would be a very economical option for students to take in the future, especially with the impending introduction of ridiculous top up fees. Intensive degree courses should be introduced ASAP, and when they are they should be attributed to my good self.

Am currently watching the film version of The House of Mirth. Always nice to see just how much film adaptations sometimes stray from the novel. It's not so bad, but on the other hand - an entire character seems to have vanished from the film. Where is Selden's cousin? Selden's cousin who seems to be the vehicle for all of Wharton's lesbian tendencies? The same cousin who seems to love both her own cousin, and Lily. And, how disconcerting is it to watch a film with Scully, but no Mulder?

Saturday, July 23, 2005


/1/ The man shot dead on the tube yesterday, was not connected to the bombs on Thursday. At first, I thought, well he ran from the police onto the tube and jumped over the ticket barrier in the tube station - what else could they have done? But the police were undercover and carrying guns. If undercover policemen were running after me with guns, I too would jump a ticket barrier and try to get the hell out of the situation. I hope it's not that straightforward though.

/2/ I am working on designs for either travelling to university in a bomb proof pod, or teleporting myself there. I will let you know how this pans out as I look further into the logistics of these creations. The other possibility was that everyone wears skin tight leotards and carries clear PVC luggage. Anyone agree to this? (What? It would be like Utopia or something. And would be far more effective than identity cards.)

/3/ I have made an acquaintance at work who is an example of innocent Devonshire folk at their finest. She lives on a farm with her parents who met at 18 and married soon after, and aspires to be a local primary school teacher after going to university (in Devon.) Like her forefathers, her boyfriend is a farmer, and no doubt her children will too be farmers for as long as there is farming to be done (possibly not long then.) Like her parents, she met her boyfriend at Young Farmers. She is blissfully unaware of some of the horrors that go on in the world: the Beslan seige was news to her apparantly, when I discussed it at work the other day (mistaking it for the comparatively tame Dunblaine massacre.) She also describes her fondness for reading as being down to the way in which, when she is reading, she likes to imagine that she is the main person in the book and pretend that the things in the story are happening to her. She is possibly what people from up-London imaging all country-folk are like, and for meeting the stereotype at all I would usually feel a little bit angry towards her, but she is at the same time rather sweet.

Unfortunately (for her, and the whole cake loving world), she refused to bring in cake on her birthday, giving the fact that she is only working at the Establishment until September. Everyone now despises her for denying them that opportunity for cake (particularly My Big Fat Lazy Boss) and so it's generally been a bad move not to stick to the company birthday cake policy. My liasons with said-girl have now become frowned upon, and we will have to resort to secret liasons amongst the files in The Hut of Eternal Files. Although my days of discussing how great it was that we learnt the alphabet in primary school may be numbered anyway, what with me fast approaching The End of My Tether and constantly battling urges to set fire to the whole filing system. Starting with the JONES'S section.

/4/ Here is a photoset of the few photos I took before my battery ran out whilst celebrating Emily's 21st birthday. My battery has an amazing life, but this means I overlook charging it for months - so when it does eventually run out I am shocked and caught unawares, EVERY time. More new photographs elsewhere on Flickr.

The Twist & Stab

Having seen the images of one of the rucksacks involved in Thursday's incidents, I resolved to keep an eye on the Fitness First website, just to see if they would bring it up. (I don't know what is standard procedure when a bag emblazoned with your logo is used in attempted bombings - should you make a point to condemn the actions or..?) I didn't see any press releases related to the bombs yesterday, but, I did come across the Light Saber Workout, which was much better than seeing what they had to say for themselves re. allowing terrorists to join their gym. The LS Workout sounds just like my cup of tea, for the sheer novelty of it, despite not having seen any of the Star Wars films.